A real-time planetary resource campaign league.

About NetBattletech

Since 1997, NetBattleTech has provided gaming enthusiasts with an exemplary gaming environment, a dedicated Admin staff and solid competition for all who join our community. Through the course of six successful NBT leagues we have worked with units and pilots alike in the continued evolution of NBT.

NBT Leagues are real-time planetary / resource campaigns that make use of any Mechwarrior game engine, based upon certain timelines of the BattleTech universe. What does this mean for commanders and units who participate? Your unit takes the role of one of the many factions in an interstellar battle for supremacy, star systems and resources. Your goal? To prove yourself as the top unit in the league, be it by conquering systems, raking in cold hard cash, or stealing the resources of other units.

The role you play depends on your unit’s desires: one of the almighty Houses, controlling hundreds of systems and striving to win your place as First Lord of the Star League; a Periphery nation, smaller by far, but motivated to prove one's worth, pitting the Houses against one another to gain the upper hand; perhaps master the Inner Sphere as one of Kerensky's Clans, using superior technology and ideals; fight as a fearless Mercenary Corporation, out only for the almighty c-bill, selling their services to the highest bidder, working to outshine the competition for a bigger payday; the lowest of the low, the Pirates -- feeding off of the misery of others, picking at the edges of civilization to ensure their own survival in a dog eat dog universe. These are the players. These are the champions, from nobles down to the scoundrels. This is the universe we create and evolve by our actions, be they role-play or combat operations battling your way across the universe.

While the league provides the backdrop for the community, what draws people together is the game you play in it. Each of the different games has been worked into the leagues to provide a variety of play in an ever changing environment. Your unit will fight in a variety of conditions, maps and play styles, depending on the battles launched against and by your enemies; for example, a quick recon battle to steal enemy information while the defenders try to drive you off as quickly as possible. At the other end of the scale is the grand planetary assault, with the planetary defenders making their stand against enemy forces while the attackers struggle for victory on a key planet. Leading a raid deep behind enemy lines to secure factory resources, holding the military assets to ensure your economic survival. These are the battles that are fought. These are the stakes.

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