Welcome to NBT-HardCore...

...a Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries League (and much, much more....)

NBT-HardCore is a MW4: Mercs League / Game Conversion based upon the NBT League standard. Starting in the fall of 1996, NBT has provided MechWarrior enthusiasts with solid gameplay, BattleTech realism, a dedicated Admin staff, and strong competition for all who join our community.  Through the course of 4 successful NBT leagues we have worked with units and pilots alike in the continued evolution of NBT. Now, with over 30 Units and 500 Pilots, NBT continues this tradition and history with NBT-HardCore.

We welcome you to our league and community.  Play well and may your victories be many.


NBT-HardCore Highlights

  • Access to the Clan & IS Pack 'Mechs for all users
  • Brand New Game Balance System built directly into the MW4 code
  • More "Simulation Feel" to the MW4 game engine
  • Dynamic Online Starmap representing the BattleTech universe
  • New 'Mechs and Weapons introduced as the league evolves
  • Direct tie-ins between the league dynamic and the game itself
  • In-depth role-playing environment based upon the 3067 BTech timeline
  • 14 Dedicated Servers for League battles and Voice Comms
  • and much, much more...

Our goal is to provide you with the best gaming experience possible, making use of the 3067 BattleTech universe as our framework. From here on in, what happens is up to you.  So please, browse our site, join our community, take part in that which brings us together: NetBattleTech-HardCore


Proud sponsors of the NetBattleTech League System

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